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Equipment Loans

We specialize in providing acquisition financing for secondary market equipment. We know that when you source that needed piece of equipment, you need funding fast to close the deal.

How it works

Fast Funding when you need it most. Fast and efficient due diligence.

  1. Appraisal
    We work with you to obtain a professional third-party appraisal of the equipment you are looking to finance.
  2. Establish the lease terms
    Monthly repayment amount, deposit amount, and residual payment amount due at the end of the lease.
  3. Get the equipment you need!
    Minimum lease value of $500,000.

Get funded.

What we need:

  • Information about the business
  • Details about the assets you are buying or using as collateral

To learn more about our equipment loans or other TBF Capital financing options, please contact Bob Baker at (605)216-2196.

Loans on existing equipment

In need of cash to purchase new equipment for your business? Need cash to buy inventory or mobilize for a new project? We can provide financing against your owned and loan-free equipment.