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Profit Sharing

It pays to help us grow!

We are proud to offer a profit sharing program for our clients who refer us to their contacts that may need our services.
How our Profit sharing works:

  • Refer us to your contacts and business owners
  • If we are able to help and the business becomes a client, we will pay you a percentage directly every month for as long as your referral remains a client
  • We share 10% of our gross factoring revenue with our profit share partners
  • We keep our clients for an average of 30 months

Fuel Card Program

Bundle a fuel card with factoring for great discount rates. We share volume discounts with our clients, so everybody wins. This simple-to-use program could be right for your business.

Bundle and save

Choose the plan that’s right for you.

Utilize our factoring product combined with a fuel card, early payment program and equipment financing to save money. Deal with only one lender, saving your accounting and legal teams time and money. Make one phone call to access additional cash and work with a team who understands your business. We are entrepreneurs like you who recognize that stuff happens and plans go sideways. We’re here to help you deal with unexpected problems and help get you back on your feet and grow your business.

Frequently asked

What is BG Capital Quick Pay?

BG Capital Quick Pay is a fully-functioning program designed to help you secure the best subs in the industry at NO COST to you or even a revenue stream.

What is the Quick Pay rate?

BG Capital discounts Quick Pay to sub-trades at a rate you choose and your company keeps the profit.

How are my payments protected?

BG Capital protects you with a Lien Waivers and Direction Of Payment for each ACH Payment that is processed.

What are your fees?

BG Capital does not charge fees on non-Quick Pay dollars, but does payouts and lien waivers if your subs choose not to participate in Quick Pay.

Are payments credit insured?

Select factoring transactions may qualify for credit insurance.

What is the cost of running Quick Pay?

Costs are assessed on a per-deal basis. We see this as a revenue opportunity for our clients.

Do you run background checks on sub-contractors?

No due diligence on subs, we only require banking information.